About Les Enfants Montessori School

We at Les Enfants Montessori School have been providing these excellent educational services to the Astoria community and surrounding areas since 1980.

Believing that the world of tomorrow will be run by those men and women who have the greatest educational opportunities from the youngest of ages, we offer French and Spanish classes for all students aged 3 years and older as well as in computers.

Global Vision

What do Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com, Prince William and Harry of the British Royal Family, Sergey Brin the co-founder of Google.com and Jackie Kennedy Onassis all have in common? They are all Montessori graduates. In fact, due to Montessori Curriculum education, these graduates have one on to become leaders of practically every field of endeavor. Executive, artists, entrepeneurs, scientists and political leaders - the list goes on. The importance of Montessori teachings for every child's education has become necessity.

What We Do

Thousands of children have benefited from the Montessori Method of education and have graduated from our school throughout the years. They and their parents have come back to us time and time again to express their joy and satisfaction for the well-rounded individual education that they received at Les Enfants and as an educator I can tell you that there is no greater feeling of pride than from this.

Making A Difference

We understand today's difficulties in having both parents working in a 9 to 5 world. As a result, we offer a variety of programs to fit every family's needs. We provide full and half day plans and after school sessions. Transportation to and from the school is also available.

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