Elementary Class Program

As in all our classrooms, at the lower elementary level we group students in multi-age classes where teachers serve as facilitators for individualized, self-paced learning. Students stay with the same teacher for three years giving them opportunity to master all the cognitive and social skills required to move on.

Our curriculum and classroom experience at this level are designed to meet both Montessori and New York State curriculum requirements, with content and materials appropriate to the children’s stage of development.

They have a lot of flexibility to choose what they want to work on, and when they want to work on it. Teachers provide direct teaching on new concepts, and manipulative materials are designed to engage children in independently exploring and thoroughly understanding concepts.

Students at this level do assignments in the classroom where staff and classmates are available to assist them.

The curriculum at this level emphasizes reading, writing, math concepts, science, research, and movement from concrete to abstract thinking. Experimentation and problem solving are encouraged. Music, Spanish and French language, physical education, and computer education are all incorporated in ways that are consistent with the Montessori approach to developing skills, creativity, self-discipline, and love of learning.

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Practical Life

In this area, exercises are designed to help the child develop his/her skills in health and hygiene, coordination movement, self confidence and discipline. The children are exposed to such activities as:

  • washing hands
  • brushing teeth
  • holding tray
  • spooning into 3 bowls
  • pouring water
  • opening & closing buttons
  • table manners

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The Sensorial material allows the child to understand his environment through his senses. Each piece of material has one isolating quality such as color, weight, size, shape, texture, sound and smell. The exercises include:

  • knob cylinders
  • color tablets
  • geometrical solids
  • touch boards
  • sound box
  • smelling bottles
  • cubes binomial, monomial & trinomial

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The child is introduced to Math through the use of concrete to abstract. The following are the exercises in which the child learns the quantities and matching abstract symbols:

  • number rods with cards
  • counters & cards
  • spindle boxes
  • units, tens, hundred & thousand
  • teen board
  • short bead stairs

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Many activities are designed to proceed naturally towards the development of skills for reading and writing. The child first learns the phonetic sounds of the letters which leads to building short phonetic words. The following exercises are included in language:

  • vocabulary cards
  • metal insets
  • movable alphabets (a-z)
  • three letter words
  • beginning sound
  • middle sound
  • ending sound
  • vowels - consonants
  • fruits & vegetables
  • animals

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Cultural Subjects

The children are introduced to cultural subjects which includes history, science, music and arts.

  • life cycle of a butterfly
  • parts of a tree
  • pet animals
  • map of America
  • continents
  • rhymes
  • songs
  • collage work
  • painting

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