Frequently Asked Questions

We've created these questions, answers and general information to quickly address many of your concerns and interests about our program and procedures.

No, you can just show up at any open house.

For 35 years, we have been a true Montessori school. Every class is completely outfitted with Montessori Materials. Also, every head teacher in every class is a Montessori certified teacher. In addition, every 2nd and 3rd teacher is NYC certified. Lastly, every staff member has been fingerprinted and background checked by NYS.

For our summer camp we can start at 18 months old. During a regular semester we begin at 20months and go up to 3rd grade.

We are, and have been licensed to operate an early education center by the state of New York for the past 35 years.

It depends on the class. For our toddler class we keep the ratio at 5:1. Some classes have three teachers, putting the ratio at approx. 7:1 and our Elementary class has a ratio of about 7:1

Age does play a factor in class placement, as well as if the child is fully potty trained or not, but just as important is the development of the child themselves. Children are as different as snowflakes. Our director, Mrs. Riveros uses her judgment and her three decades of Montessori experience to determine child placement.

Depending on which class your child is in, a supply list will be provided to you prior to your child’s first day.

Though it is helpful if your child is potty trained, we can definitely assist you with that. We ask that there is some training being done at home so we can reinforce what your child is already learning.

We have two. Our 2nd floor playground has our multi-sprinkler water park and our top floor playground has our rock climb, slides and jungle gym. This is separate from our top floor gymnasium.

If your child arrives before 9am and needs breakfast, we can provide milk and cereal. But regarding lunch and afternoon snacks, we ask that you provide that. We have found that because of religious, dietary and allergy restrictions it is better if you provide the food. Regarding our youngest children, our staff can and will spoon-feed them when necessary.

The safety of your children is of the utmost importance to us. No one can enter the school without being let in by a staff member. The doors cannot be opened from the outside without a key.

Also, there are 13 color cameras around the school that provide live feeds to the staff. Everyone employed at Les Enfants is background checked and fingerprinted.

Yes, our staff is trained in CPR. The team that teaches CPR comes once a year to train any new staff members as well as mandated refresher courses.

Unfortunately we do not offer a sibling discount at this time.

At the time of registration we will ask you for one month’s tuition as a security deposit. This deposit can be used to pay for June (the last month of the school year), July or August (summer camp). If you were to pull your child before June, then this security would be forfeit.

First, it is highly recommended that you first come and take a look at our facility at either an open house or one of our tours during the week. (Tours are Monday thru Friday at either 10am or 2pm by reservation).

At this time you will also meet with our director and she will tell you in which class your child would be placed. From there, if you decide to enroll with Les Enfants a $100 registration fee is required. We will give you a registration packet that has some signature required forms.

Most importantly, we will need your child’s medical form before the 1st day of school.

As Les Enfants only goes to 3rd grade, we will always assist our students as they transition to middle school. This assistance includes anything from test preparation to letters of recommendation to helping with the applications themselves.

Aside from bi-weekly physical education, we offer several extracurricular sports activities – Karate, Yoga, Ballet, Dance and Soccer. These extracurriculars do carry an additional nominal cost as we bring in outside teachers but are very popular with our students.

Should any of our children require additional therapy (speech/physical/occupational) we are more than happy to have outside specialists come in and perform their therapy. We feel that at school is where the child is happiest and most comfortable so it is a perfect place to do their work. We do not have any therapists on site though.

We are not a religious school but are happy to say that we welcome all religions. Over the years we have had just about every religion under the sun walk through our doors.

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