Getting to Les Enfants Montessori School

    Take the UN - 1 AV CROSSTOWN bound M42 Bus
    Get off at E 42ND ST & 3RD AVE
  2. From 3RD AVE & E 42ND ST
    Take the LTD FT GEORGE 193 ST via 3 AV bound M101-LTD
    Get off at 3RD AVE & E 60TH ST
  3. Walk 0.12 miles (2 minutes) South-East to 2ND AVE & E 61ST ST
    Take the STEINWAY 19 AV via STEINWAY ST bound Q101
    Get off at STEINWAY ST & 30TH AVE
  4. Walk 0.03 miles (1 minute) South to destination.

  1. Start out going southwest on Park Ave. (0.10 mi)
  2. Turn sharp right to stay on Park Ave. (0.1 mi)
  3. Turn right onto E 42nd St. (0.03 mi)
  4. Enter Grand Central - 42 St. (0.01 mi)
    Transit 7 mins.
  5. Depart: From Grand Central - 42 St
    Take the 4 toward WOODLAWN.
    Arrive: At 59 St. Travel: 1 Stop (0.9 mi)
    Transfer 5 mins
  6. Transfer to the Q at Lexington Av/59 St. (0.05 mi)
    Transit 16 mins
  7. Depart: From Lexington Av/59 St
    Take the Q toward ASTORIA - DITMARS BLVD. Arrive: At 30 Av. Travel: 5 Stops Previous Stop: Broadway (3.2 mi)
    Walk 3 mins
  8. Exit 30 Av. (0.01 mi)
  9. Go northeast on 31st St. (0.06 mi)
  10. Turn left onto Newtown Ave. (0.09 mi)
  11. 2921 NEWTOWN AVE is on the right.

  1. Start out going northeast on Park Ave. (0.01 mi)
  2. Turn right to stay on Park Ave. (0.9 mi)
  3. Turn right onto E 59th St.
  4. E 59th St is just past E 58th St International School Of Management is on the right If you reach E 60th St you've gone a little too far (0.3 mi)
  5. Turn slight left onto Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge E/NY-25. Continue to follow NY-25. NY-25 is 0.1 miles past 3rd Ave Knish Nosh is on the corner If you reach 1st Ave you've gone about 0.1 miles too far (1.6 mi)
  6. NY-25 becomes Queens Plz E. (0.1 mi)
  7. Turn slight left onto Northern Blvd/NY-25A. Northern Blvd is just past Queens Blvd (0.03 mi)
  8. Turn left onto Queens Plz N. Queens Plz N is just past Queens Plz E Nyc Outward Bound is on the corner... If you are on Northern Blvd and reach 41st Ave you've gone a little too far (0.5 mi)
  9. Turn right onto 21st St. 21st St is just past 22nd St (1.7 mi)
  10. Turn right onto Newtown Ave. Newtown Ave is just past 27th Rd Chubby Burgers Chicken and Pizza is on the right... If you reach 26th Rd you've gone a little too far (0.3 mi)
  11. 2921 NEWTOWN AVE is on the left. Your destination is just past 29th St... If you reach 30th St you've gone a little too far

  • Upcoming Events

    • Field Trip To Green Meadows Farm in Floral Park, NY

      Oct 9, 2015
      9:00 - 11:00

      Green Meadows Petting Farm offers children and adults a hands-on touching experience with our animals. Children get a pony ride and everyone enjoys our hayride... MORE

    • Halloween Walk

      Oct 30, 2015
      10:00 - 1:00

      The children are welcome to come to school in their Halloween costumes. In the morning the teachers will walk with the children around the neighborhood... MORE

    • Our Next Openhouse

      DEC 1, 2018
      10:00 - 12:00

      All are welcome and it is encouraged that you bring your child to see our facility... MORE

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