History & Mission

“When my first child reached the age of two and a half, it was very difficult to find a nursery school that fit my needs. Because of my background in education through the Montessori method, I knew the kind of school I was looking for. Unable to find what I felt my son needed and after careful consideration I began to look for a suitable place to open my own school. A few months later, my search ended in Astoria, Queens. That was 35 years ago. My dream was to not only help my children to be successful in life, but also to help any child who came through the door, to be successful.”
– Mrs. Ester Riveros, Director, Les Enfants.

Since 1980 we have been in the same location serving the wonderful community of Astoria, Queens and the surrounding areas of New York City. Going from the two rooms on the ground floor we started with, we now have a state of the art building with 10 classrooms, an auditorium/lunchroom, gymnasium, kitchen and two outdoor playgrounds.


At the core of every child is the profound desire to learn about the world they live in. Our mission at Les Enfants Montessori School is to foster the development of the whole child, to meet the personal, social, academic and creative needs of the individual to help them become functioning members of society that can excel in at any goal they choose.

By embracing the Montessori philosophy, we nurture each child’s individual potential, passion, life long learning, and a sense of community development of their concentration.

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