Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!

“Mrs. Riveros...

I want to thank you for the wonderful time, experiences and early education that you and the other teachers provided Hunter throughout her time at Les Enfants.

From our very first visit and tour of the school; we as a family had immediately felt welcome. The teachers and administration were always responsive and enthusiastic. Looking back after many years now; we could not have made a better decision then to enroll her at your school. She has blossomed into a beautiful, strong and well balance teenager. She is bright, intelligent and gifted with her early training. With her advanced understanding of mathematics, reading as well as reading comprehension skills taught at Les Enfants; it was an extremely seamless transition when moving forward at a great school in Manhattan where she continues to excel and has great expectations of a Veterinarian career in her future.

Throughout her years at Les Enfants, we watched her growth; week by week in self-confidence, independence and pride.

Teachers are never recognized enough or given enough credit in our children’s upbringing and growth but I’m here today to give credit where credit is due…You and the other brilliant, patient and talented teachers who have had an intrinsic part in Hunter’s formidable years are truly loved.

Les Enfants have exceeded all of our family’s expectations in her preschool environment and fet that Hunter had received a great social, emotional and academic base for where she stands today.

We highly recommend Les Enfants Montessori School to anyone seeking a safe, nurturing and positive learning institution.”

Jeffrey A.
Within the child lies the fate of the future.

I am so happy we decided to enroll our son in Les Enfants Montessori school.

My son started in the toddler program at 2.5 and almost immediately his vocabulary doubled. The teachers are warm and understanding of each child's needs. The newly renovated school has a number of outdoor play areas and a beautiful gymnasium where our son participates in yoga, karate and numerous other activities the school offers.

Being a working parent it is difficult to leave your small child every day, but knowing he is in the nuturing care of Mrs. Riveros
and the team at Les Enfants always puts my mind at ease. I highly recommend this school to all parents
looking for a place for their child to learn and grow.

Ilene Wolf

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